Off Site Construction

Modular construction bespoke services for city projects.

Manufacturing completed components off site for site install

In our off site construction division we manufacture components for buildings to an advanced stage of completion before shipping them to site for installation.

We believe that modular construction should no longer be confined to the flat faced square buildings but with some creative thinking modular construction can be applied to a wide range of large building elements.

Our most recent projects being Claridges hotel London where we manufactured 80 specialist Victorian dormer roof components installing on site in days what would otherwise have taken months to build on site.

We are currently manufacturing components for the Richard Rogers art gallery in the south of France. All components are manufactured at our premises in Magherafelt to an advanced stage of completion and transported to the south of France for an install which will take only days.

This approach is especially useful for projects in inner city or difficult to access places because of the fact that the vast majority of labour is carried out in a controlled environment at ground level in a factory.

Claridges Hotel

The construction of Claridges hotel taking place Off Site in modular components