Marshall Passive House Dunloy Co Antrim

Customer Service

The clients found out about us through their architect. We had an initial meeting with Jono, the architect, to look over plans, and they met with the clients after that. We were able to work the project into our schedule and as the clients have sold their house and were keen to get going, the build started some months after this.

We enjoyed a very good relationship with our clients on this build. They knew we were constantly available to them, day or night, via email and phone. The lines of communication were open and honest.

We kept to the agreed budget and timescale, even finishing one month early after a big push. The early completion was definitely a stand out moment and the clients were delighted to stop sleeping on borrowed sofas and get into the house early, and in time for Christmas!

Why Should This Project Win the Master Builder Award?

The uniqueness of the build – there were plenty of practical challenges with this quirky and interesting design, but we rose to the challenge and are delighted with the results.

The unconventional materials – whilst the cement corrugate is an unusual choice for a domestic dwelling, it is a sustainable material and blends well into the semi-rural landscape.

The environmental credentials – this house is at the fore-front of sustainable building practices in the private sector. The air source heat pump, MHRV and extra insulation give the clients peace of mind going into the future. They have already halved their energy bills.

Sensitivity to the existing landscape. We built the house in the middle of existing mature trees and planting, so it looks at home in the plot, almost hidden in parts from the road. This fits in well with the semi-rural location.

Great customer service. This was a tricky build with clients who had a different sense of design, but we were able to collaborate really with them and solve many design problems throughout the process in a way that they were really happy with.


Why Should your Builder Be Recognized as Master Builder?

Before we started to build, we had heard the usual horror stories from clients about being let down by builders, schedule and budgets slipping out of control…

But we have had the polar opposite experience of building a house with Setanta. Things couldn’t have gone better. In fact, we really enjoyed the process. So much so that we joke about this being the ‘first’ house we’ve built, and wouldn’t hesitate to do it all over again.

The budget was given to us at the beginning of the project, and this never changed (unless we made a change ourselves). This was a huge help to us in managing our finances. Setanta always stuck rigorously to the agreed schedule, which was amazing for our peace of mind and planning.

We were possibly quite fussy clients in that we like a very minimalist look and feel, inside and out. This meant that we weren’t keen on some of the usual solutions – for example boxing in unsightly pipes. Setanta worked with us at various points to come up with creative solutions to these design problems. In the case of the MHRV pipes was solved by running the plastic pipes inside larger aluminium coiled pipes, run along the walls. The MHRV installer was a little puzzled by our choice, but we were thrilled with the minimalist industrial effect it achieved!

Passive House happy Marshall family

Heavenly Builder?

Yes, most definitely a heavenly builder! Overall, we loved working with Setanta and would not hesitate to recommend them to any friends or family who were building in the future.

Our architect was also thrilled and there is no better compliment than the fact that he is currently designing his own family house and plans to have Setanta build it.

We loved Setanta’s ‘can do’ attitude. They always had a really open mind about materials and design. Any question we asked would always be answered with a practical solution and pros and cons list. Nothing was a problem.

Setanta were also able to facilitate all the unconventional materials we wanted to use, including sourcing and fitting them at a really reasonable price. We were delighted at how they worked with us on this. At all times there was a really great relationship between our builders, architect and us. We really enjoyed the creative collaboration.

Setanta were especially incredible towards the end of the build, when we had to leave our temporary rental property because of structural problems. We were at our wits end with small children starting school and camping out on family and friends’ sofas. Although they were extremely busy with other projects, Setanta managed to push our schedule forward by a whole month, for which we will be eternally grateful.