About Setanta

Gribbin Construction was established in 1963 by Liam, Eamon and Joe Gribbin, their main ambition was building highly insulated timber frame homes. Mark and Niall Gribbin, who worked as joiners for Gribbin Construction, picked up the mantle in 2000 with Setanta. A 2nd generation family run timber frame business was developed but the primary focus remained; to provide high insulation homes.

Who we are

Directors Mark and Niall Gribbin both carpenters to their trade are now guiding the business into the future.

Niall, with qualifications in AutoCAD design, Consultec specialist design software, a certified energy assessor, trained in thermal bridging calculating not to mention being awarded the qualification of master craftsman makes him the perfect team leader for the design and construction section of the company.

Mark is a Certified Passive house designer, a certified energy assessor and trained in thermal bridging calculating, this coupled with years of on site construction experience provides the perfect balance between academic knowledge and on site experience. To date Mark has been a guest speaker at The South Eastern Regional College Newtownards, The South West College Omagh and The Metropolitan College Belfast, all on the subject of energy efficient construction and achieving Zero Carbon.

What service do we provide
(or packages available)

On site we provide a complete house and turnkey service though some clients may only need us to provide a completed airtight thermal envelope and others may have needs of something in between.

What we do

Upon receipt of you house plans we will assess the project as to its needs in order to achieve the standard of Zero Carbon. We demonstrate what the energy performance of the building will be and guide the client as to the most effective way to achieve the best results for the house within the budget restraints that may apply.

Every house is different.

We are flexible.

The choice is yours; after all it is your house.

The thermal envelope is manufactured in our factory and erected on site by the very same carpenters that were involved in the manufacturing process. In the engagement of sub-contractors we employ the same companies that have been working with us for years. The project is organized and overseen by one of our project managers and together this delivers the quality of project that is required.

Recently the company was accredited as being certified Passive House Designers; this is an esteemed qualification which focuses on energy efficient construction. This certification complements Setanta’s objective of creating zero carbon rated and energy efficient homes.

As well as being certified Passive House designers, and experienced zero Carbon house builders We also carry out individual Thermal Bridging designs perfecting the construction methods and details in order to build a more thermally efficient house. The company is continually increasing and refining skills and abilities to improve the quality of the product and service that we provide.

The company has its own in-house design team who have the ability to create a design to the clients needs. As well as this design team, we also have a team of skilled joiners with a wide range of experience. The joiners fabricate the Thermal Envelope in the company’s workshop; they then follow the frame out to site and assemble it.

The various sub-contractors who contribute to other parts of the building process have been working alongside the company for many years, there are many longstanding relationships established within the business

The company offers a range packages to suit the client’s individual needs; from main frame supply only to a full house build with a turnkey hand over and anything in between.