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Zero Carbon Cerification

Zero Carbon

What is "Zero Carbon"

Zero Carbon” is the highest energy standard within “The Code for Sustainable Homes”. By definition "Zero Carbon" is the satisfaction of three criteria

  1. That he building HLP (Heat Loss Parameter) is equal to or less than 0.8 (w/m2k)
  2. That the DER (Dwelling Emissions Rating) be no more than Zero kilograms per M2 (kg/m2/year)
  3. That the net CO2 emissions from the dwelling over the course of the year be no more that 0.kg per M2 (kg/m2/year)

In basic terms the house must have a very low energy loss and also generate enough electricity to off set for any carbon produced by the house. This may sound a little bit daunting at first but truthfully it is not. Each house will be assessed individually in order to ascertain what the actual energy performance is of that particular dwelling. This may be easily affected by simple things like window size or orientation.

Once the energy needs of the house are established we must then choose a heating system.

There is no particular heating system that must be used though some heating systems may generate more CO2 than others.

Now that the CO2 production can be calculated we can install some electrical micro generation in order to off set that amount of CO2.

This installation of electrical micro generation may well become a source of income as the electricity generated is sold back into the national grid and government incentives are availed of.

A Zero Carbon house need not be of any particular size shape or design. It is possible to achieve the standard with almost any design though some designs may be easier than others.

Zero Carbon standard is due to become a compulsory building control standard by the year 2016

Setanta is currently responsible for 20%
of Zero Carbon builds in Northern Ireland