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Supawall® is the branded name for our injected insulation timberframe panel with an outstanding U value of 0.11 w/m2k.

With this very low U value, high performance thermal bridging details and attention to airtightness we can guarantee a very energy efficient house build.

The Timber frame Structure is manufactured and insulated in the factory before going to site so it arrives already insulated. This incorporates all that is good about SIP construction with all of the reliability of the timber frame structure.

The Supawall structure has a full BBA certification giving the assurance and peace of mind that the product being used does exactly what it says it is going to do.

Having carefully studied many insulation materials and having carried out extensive tests on different insulation materials with the assistance and supervision of the Research Centre at the University of Ulster Jordanstown we discovered that although different insulations may have equal performance on paper, in practice an expanding foam material would out perform other insulations with equal written down thermal values.


Supawall R 0.11 U Value