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Dr. Wolfgang Feist  Founder of the Passivhaus institute.

Dr. Wolfgang Feist Founder of the Passivhaus institute.

Passive House or Passivhaus

Unlike “Zero Carbon” the Passive House
principals are only concerned with the energy performance of the building, no concern is
given to the CO2 output of the building.

In contrast the Passive House principals are more energy efficient and stringent
than those of Zero Carbon construction.

What is a Passive House or Passivhaus?

The Passivhaus institute of Germany has laid out some criteria for energy efficient construction by which a building should be built, in order to qualify as a Passive house. This is administered through the Passive House academy of Ireland and the Certified Pasive house Designers.

These criteria are as follow:

Some basic principals are applied in order to aid the achieving of the criteria

In short a 2000 sq ft house will cost less than £190 per year for space heating using a standard oil boiler and maintaining at a constant temperature of 20 degrees internally day and night all year round with excellent air quality and indoor comfort.

This may sound difficult to believe, but it does work and this is what can be achieved when the correct building principals are applied

There are now 2383 certified Passive house designers spread across the world and Mark Gribbin of Setanta is one of the few Certified Passive House designers in Northern Ireland.