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Energy Efficient Homes

An energy efficient home is one that is built following all of the correct building principals but may not quite achieve the badge of Passive House or Zero Carbon.

To achieve an energy efficient house, a Zero Carbon house or a Passive House the first step is to have very low U values for walls, floors, roof, windows and with superior thermal bridging details.

Typically Setanta provides a U value for walls, floors and roof of 0.11and window U value as low as 0.74

Setanta will also calculate all of the thermal bridge details scrutinizing the smallest amount of energy loss. Attention to detail on site with regard to achieving superior air tightness is very important carrying our actual tests along the way to ensure performance.

Mechanical heat recovery ventilation with a high efficiency is installed ensuring air quality.

Energy Efficient Homes

Energy Efficient Homes

There is no particular heating system that must be used but keep in mind that with such an energy efficient house there is no need for an expensive or complex heating system.

The efficiency of a house may be expressed in kwh/m2/year. Showing how much energy is needed to maintain temperature inside the house